Editing a ticket - making changes to an existing ticket

If you need to add or change information after a ticket has been created, you can!

To edit the ticket, click on the ‘Edit Details’ link in the ‘Action’ dropdown when viewing the ticket.


Change Customer

In order to change the customer associated with a ticket, tap on the name of the current customer, or the pencil icon. To search for a customer, type in a first name, last name, or phone number, then tap the magnifying glass icon. Find the customer you are looking for in the search results, and tap on their name.

You will be asked to confirm the customer change. Tap on ‘Change Customer’ to continue, or tap on ‘Cancel’ to, well, cancel…

Add/Change/Remove repair types

This also works in the same way when editing a ticket as on intake. You will see all of your categories beneath the customer name.


Tap on a category to show its repairs.


Tap on a repair to add it to the ticket.

Repeat the process to add more repairs.


You can add, edit, and re-order your categories and repairs in your price list. Managing your Price List

To change the quantity or price of an existing repair, or to remove it, tap on the repair in the invoice section.


You will be able to add more of the same repair, change the price, or delete the repair from the ticket. The price is set per repair, so if you want to add 3 of the same repair to a ticket, and they each will cost $15.00, the price will be set to $15.00. The app will calculate the subtotal for you.

Tap on ‘Save Changes’, or to remove a repair, tap on ‘Delete Repair’.

Update amount paid

If you need to change how much the customer has paid towards the ticket, tap on ‘Paid’ in the Invoice.


Type in the updated amount paid.

Edit Due Date


This is only shown when Due Dates are enabled for your shop. You can view/change the settings in the Due Dates section of the Admin Page page.

When due dates are enabled, a ticket is given a default due date when created, based on the ‘Number of days ahead’ setting in the Due Dates settings. To change the date due, simply tap on the pencil icon. Make your changes to the date (and/or time, if enabled) and tap on the button labeled ‘Save Due Date’.

Edit Notes


The notes are the only step of editing a ticket that require you to save your work!

When editing the notes of an existing ticket, ensure you save your changes! Tap in the notes section to edit, and make your changes. Click on the ‘Save Changes’ button when you have finished typing.

Add or Delete Photos

To add additional photos to a ticket, tap on the ‘add image’ icon.

Your device camera will open. Click the shutter button to take a picture. If you are happy with the image, click on ‘Use Photo’, otherwise click on ‘Retake’ to retake the picture. The ‘add image’ will be replaced with the thumbnail while the image uploads.

As soon as the upload is complete, the ‘add image’ icon will be shown again, and another image can be taken. Thumbnails will appear to the right of the icon.


Photos will occasionally take a little while to upload to the server. Do not worry if you do not see the uploaded photo right away!

To delete a photo, tap on the little red ‘x’. You will be asked to confirm the deletion, to ensure that photos are not deleted by accident!