Deleting a Ticket

There are a few reasons that you might wish to delete a ticket. For example, if you scan a loose tag to make sure it did not get separated from a repair, and it brings you to the create ticket screen, you probably will wish to delete the ticket, and return the tag to your stock of empty tickets.

Please keep in mind that a ticket should NOT be deleted after work was completed on it, and a customer has picked up their item. When a repair is picked up, the ticket is archived, to allow you to build a repair history over time.

The ‘Delete Ticket’ button will instead DELETE the ticket forever, and remove it from your repair history.

New ticket

  1. Scan tag and scroll to bottom of screen
  2. Click on ‘Delete Ticket’
  3. Confirm Deletion

Existing ticket

  1. Click on ‘Edit Details’ in the Actions dropdown when viewing a ticket.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen
  3. Click on ‘Delete Ticket’
  4. Confirm Deletion