Customer Status Page


The customer status page will show you all of the information stored in Repairtagger for a specific customer, and their open tickets.

Customer Information

Phone Number(s)

If the customer has a mobile phone number or landline, it will be shown here. If you are using Repairtagger on a phone, tap on a phone number to place a call.


If the customer has an email address, it will be shown here. Tapping on the email will open a new email in the default email application on your device, with the customer’s email address prefilled.

Open Tickets

If a customer has open tickets, they will be shown here.

Pending Tickets

Tickets that are waiting to be worked on are shown in the ‘Pending’ section.

Done Tickets

Tickets for which the customer has been notified will be shown in the ‘Done’ section.

Archived Tickets

To see archived tickets for this customer, simply click on the ‘View archived tickets’ button at the bottom of the status page - you will be taken to the ticket list, filtered to show only that customer’s archived tickets.

Edit Customer

Tap on the ‘Edit Customer’ button to change the information stored for that customer. See: Edit Customer for more details.