Admin Page

The shop admin page is where you can manage all of your settings and configuration for the Repairtagger app.

Edit Price list

Your price list is all of the repairs that you offer, grouped by category. Managing your Price List

Manage Due Dates

Due dates can be turned on or left off. They allow you to set a due date for a repair, and change the ticket list to be sorted by due date. Due Dates

Manage Customer Notifications

This is where you can edit your notification templates. Notification Templates


A menu with support information. Help

Manage Business Information

This is where you can manage the information about your physical shop location, such as address, phone number, and shop name. Business Information


The account page is where you can change your password or logout of the app. Account

Manage subscription

Manage your iOS app store or Google play store subscription. This link will not be shown if you have subscribed directly with Repairtagger. Manage your Subscription