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Repairtagger is your ticket tracking, customer database, and notification system. Keep track of your customers and their repair history, using any tags you like. With texts and email templates, notifying your customers is easier than ever.

If you are new to Repairtagger, start with The life and times of a Repairtagger ticket to get a step by step explanation of how to use the app.


A physical tag that is attached to the item to be repaired. This tag must have a number, either embedded in a QR code, or written on the tag. You can refer to Physical Tag Options for a description of tag options, and Step 1. Scan a tag to learn how to scan a tag.


A record in Repairtagger that stores the information about an item that needs repair. A ticket will have a reference to the customer it is for, the repair(s) to be done, the amount charged for each repair, how much the customer paid when they dropped the item off, and optionally, notes and photos.

See: Step 1. Scan a tag for more details.


A record in Repairtagger that stores a customer’s name and optionally a mobile phone number, landline number, email, notes, and photos.

See: Customer List for more details.

Customer List

A searchable list of your Customers.

See: Customers for more details.

Ticket List

A list of your tickets, divided into the following categories:


Repairs not yet done and/or the customer has not been notified.


Customer has been notified and the item is waiting for pickup.


Item is complete, the customer has picked it up, and the ticket has been archived.

See: Ticket List for more details.


A simple overview of your ticket numbers for the month.

See: Reports for more details.

Price List

Your price list is divided into categories, which each have their own repair types. A repair type is given a name, a category, a price, and if that repair type has a range, you can specifiy the max price.

See: Managing your Price List for more details.

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